New Akios Multiplier Reels Seen

We’ve spotted an interesting looking, new fishing reel at the back of a UK sea angling magazine. There’s only a small picture to go on but the multiplier reels – which look to be manufactured predominantly for sea fishing – appear to be branded as ‘Akios’, a brand we haven’t heard of before. In fact searching for the brand online has almost drawn a complete blank. The only possible
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New TG-F1 Tournament Reel – Made in Britain

In the latest Gear Guide from mail order fishing tackle company, Veals, an intriguing new multiplier is featured – the British made TG-F1 from the company behind Rocket Fuel.

Despite the Rocket Reel Company’s TG-F1 looking very similar to another leading brand of fishing reel, the majority of parts are bespoke and machined/manufactured to the highest quality possible. The end result? A casting/fishing reel without compromise. This reel has been created with ultimate performance in mind, not¬†availability to the masses¬†– as the ¬£345 price tag confirms.

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