Okuma Andros 511 Boat Reel Due 2011

Okuma Andros 511 ReelOne of the busiest stands at this year’s Tackle and Guns Trade Show was that of Svendsen Sport, distributor of the Okuma range of tackle in the UK. The activity was well deserved given the amount of new equipment and innovation on display at the show. At the front of the stand was a glass cabinet, illuminated with spotlights, showing off Okuma’s latest reels and some of Savage Gear’s huge range of lures. The stand-out reel for me was the Okuma Andros Continue reading “Okuma Andros 511 Boat Reel Due 2011”

Daiwa 2011 | New Tackle – New Logo

New Daiwa Logo2011 is a big year for Daiwa UK. Daiwa has a new logo and a fresh new brand image that it wants to align in every country – we first saw the release of the new Daiwa logo in Australia in December 2009. As you can see, it’s a radical change from the logo we’ve all grown up with. I’m sure it won’t be to everyone’s favour but I really think it’s a great move from Daiwa. While I agree that this is a gamble in terms of brand recognition, I think the new look and feel is Continue reading “Daiwa 2011 | New Tackle – New Logo”

Snowbee Deep Blue Boat Reels

Snowbee Deep Blue 12 ReelIn keeping with our recent report that sea fishing tackle is a growth area this year, Snowbee had a lot of new items for the saltwater angler at the recent Tackle & Guns trade show. They have clearly invested a lot of time in this discipline, building out their Deep Blue brand. If you have discovered how fun and exciting boating can be, you are probably familiar with the wide selection of boating equipment that is available. The way that you plan on using your boat will largely determine the boat equipment you need. When you decide to take up boating, the equipment you need to buy can be as simple or complex as you care to make it. Get the facts all abiut the best Merritt supply wholesale here. There are some basic pieces of boating equipment that everyone needs; this includes a boat and trailer.The boat is obviously a no brainer. You can’t very well participate in boating without a boat. But just as important as your boat is the boat trailer. It’s important that you choose the appropriate trailer for your boat. The main thing will be the size of the boat, but there are some other things you should consider as well. Visit MerrittSupply.com for the best product like polishes and pads etc. Consider the size of your vehicle when deciding how big a boat trailer you can pull. There are many lightweight trailers that can be pulled by vehicles with less power. If you can, you will want a four wheel drive vehicle that has the power to pull both the boat and the boat trailer easily. But even if you have a smaller truck, a lighter weight aluminum trailer can easily be pulled by your truck. Other boating equipment that need to be onboard every boat are noise-making devices, flare guns, repair and maintenance tools, pumping equipment and navigational lights. Needless to say, every boat owner should be aware of all the boating laws in his area, as well as the relevant points regarding marine equipment to ensure a safe expedition. First, decide what you want to do with your new boat. Do you want to sit around in the evenings swapping fishing stories? If so, you will want a boat designed for day trips or overnight stays and one that is easily able to navigate waterways to reach the best fishing spots. Consider the all-purpose motor boats, a bass boat or even an air boat.

I particularly liked the look of two new multiplier reels; both high quality, CNC machined lever-drag boat reels, in a similar design to something like the Continue reading “Snowbee Deep Blue Boat Reels”

TF Gear Force 8 – 6 & 7 Series Multipliers

TFGear Force 8 MultipliersIs it an ABU… is it an Akios… no, it’s the ‘new’ TF Gear Force 8 6-series and 7-series multipliers.

Looking familiar? Thought so. You could be mistaken for thinking that these reels are Akios, but the coloured spools and handle give away that this is a new product. Information is slim on the ground but looking at the specifications over on Fishtec, these reels are pretty much identical to the Akios reels we reported on last month.

To add to the confusion, it looks like Akios have poached Alan Yates as consultant. Or perhaps Akios and TFG have come to some kind of arrangement and this is just a re-badge.

The 6-Series reels are the traditional 6000 size multipliers favoured by beach anglers, while the 7-Series is a 7000 size, suitable for light boat work, uptiding and heavy shore fishing. There are a range of models to suit. The 6-Series features an anodised, red handle and spool, whilst on the 7-Series they are blue. These slight cosmetic alterations are all that set the TFGear Force 8 reels apart from the Akios range.
Continue reading “TF Gear Force 8 – 6 & 7 Series Multipliers”

TKR Fish Ruler / Match Measure

It’s not all that often you discover a ‘homegrown’ angling product that you really want to get behind, but on discovering TKR’s tremendous looking Fishing Ruler I knew I had to get hold of one. Consequently once I’d recieved both the standard TKR Fishing Ruler and the ingenious TKR Extendable Fishing Ruler I was delighted. You may be thinking, “yeah, but it’s a measuring stick – I’ve seen them before”, but check out these features for a start: Continue reading “TKR Fish Ruler / Match Measure”