New Gardner Tackle for Autumn-Winter 2010

Gardner New ProductsThere were some interesting items of new Gardner tackle highlighted to us at the T&G Show. Without further ado, here are some of the new items planned for Autumn/Winter 2010: Continue reading “New Gardner Tackle for Autumn-Winter 2010”

TF Gear Force 8 – 6 & 7 Series Multipliers

TFGear Force 8 MultipliersIs it an ABU… is it an Akios… no, it’s the ‘new’ TF Gear Force 8 6-series and 7-series multipliers.

Looking familiar? Thought so. You could be mistaken for thinking that these reels are Akios, but the coloured spools and handle give away that this is a new product. Information is slim on the ground but looking at the specifications over on Fishtec, these reels are pretty much identical to the Akios reels we reported on last month.

To add to the confusion, it looks like Akios have poached Alan Yates as consultant. Or perhaps Akios and TFG have come to some kind of arrangement and this is just a re-badge.

The 6-Series reels are the traditional 6000 size multipliers favoured by beach anglers, while the 7-Series is a 7000 size, suitable for light boat work, uptiding and heavy shore fishing. There are a range of models to suit. The 6-Series features an anodised, red handle and spool, whilst on the 7-Series they are blue. These slight cosmetic alterations are all that set the TFGear Force 8 reels apart from the Akios range.
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Wychwood Wader Bag Review

Wychwood Wader BagThe Leeda stand at the Tackle & Guns Trade Show was a highlight; the Wychwood section being the jewel in the crown. I was lucky enough to catch up with Paul Richardson, designer for the Wychwood Game brand who generously guided me through his latest developments. There were many but one that really stood out was the new Wychwood Wader Bag.

The benefits of this dedicated wader bag are many but the Continue reading “Wychwood Wader Bag Review”

Avid Carp HQ Bivvy Review

Avid Carp HQ BivvyThe two hour journey to Stoneleigh Park for this year’s Tackle & Guns Show gave me plenty of time to think about what tackle and which manufacturers I wanted to see. A manufacturer that was front of mind was new carp brand, Avip Carp – a company that we’ve been following since they launched at the start of the year (Avid Carp Tackle). I couldn’t wait to see all the new products up close.

Once in the show I wasn’t disappointed. The Avid Carp display was part of a huge Preston Innovations trade stand, also featuring Korum alongside their established match gear. More on those brands to come. Center stage was the new Avid Carp HQ Bivvy and impressive it did look too. While I was drooling over the more obvious design features I was lucky enough to be approached by none other than carp supremo, Ian Russell. A more perfect guide I could not have Continue reading “Avid Carp HQ Bivvy Review”

Match the Hatch with Savage Gear’s Cutbait Puffin!

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring Puffin LureAs I’m writing this I’m checking the date on my watch… It’s far enough away from April 1st for me to continue.

Yes, you read the title correctly. Savage Gear have added a Puffin colour scheme to their range of giant Cutbait Herring soft lures. The over-sized lure immediately attracted my attention when I visited the excellent Svendsen Sport stand at the recent Tackle & Guns Show at Stoneleigh Park. I have to say I initially thought it was a gimmick and a topic of conversation Continue reading “Match the Hatch with Savage Gear’s Cutbait Puffin!”