Shimano Aero Technium 10000 XSB Mgs – Best Fixed Spool EFTTEX 2011

Shimano Aero Technium XSB Mgs ReelApart from winning our award for the longest reel name in history, Shimano have won Best New Fixed Spool Reel at the 2011 European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition in Amsterdam with their latest incarnation of the Aero Technium 10000 XSB Mgs.

Shimano have a habit of winning at this show. Over the course of the past five years Shimano have won eight awards, including one for the original Aero Technium XSA Mgs back in 2008.

This year sees the reel gain a load of new features and a fresh new design (the sleek new handle is gorgeous). The headline feature has to be the inclusion of Shimano’s X-Ship, borrowed from the latest Shimano Stella. The new X-Ship internals are said to create extra smoothness and high power, not seen before.

Like all Mgs models there is a fixation with lightness. The giant 10000 XS-B is no exception. With a magnesium body and rotor, an impossibly light 440 gram weight is achieved.

As you might expect on a reel of this calibre, Shimano have included Aerowrap II, its Super Slow Oscillation and the popular Instant Drag functionality.

With the UK Trade Show season nearly upon us, hopefully it won’t be too long until we can get to man-handle this beautiful featherweight.

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