Match the Hatch with Savage Gear’s Cutbait Puffin!

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring Puffin LureAs I’m writing this I’m checking the date on my watch… It’s far enough away from April 1st for me to continue.

Yes, you read the title correctly. Savage Gear have added a Puffin colour scheme to their range of giant Cutbait Herring soft lures. The over-sized lure immediately attracted my attention when I visited the excellent Svendsen Sport stand at the recent Tackle & Guns Show at Stoneleigh Park. I have to say I initially thought it was a gimmick and a topic of conversation for the stand, which indeed it was, but there is a definite strategy behind the new design.

What kind of fishing would you ‘match the hatch’ with a 25cm, 460g latex Puffin? The answer; Halibut fishing.

I hadn’t heard this before but apparently it is not uncommon for fisherman gutting their Halibut to find the bones of Puffin and other sea birds. It is said that the Halibut sit under shoals of sandeel and wait for bigger prey to dive in.

Last season’s colours were good enough to make the Savage Gear Cutbait Herring lures the first choice for their field-testers in Scandinavia when chasing specimen-sized Halibut. With the Puffin, is a record on the cards?

  • Savage Gear Cutbait Herring lures are available in giant 20cm and 25cm lengths
  • 20cm weighs 270g | 25cm weighs 460g
  • Each pack contains 1 jig head and 2 bodies
  • Features heavyweight Japanese forged hooks for strength
  • Lifelike ‘Under Skin’ painting technique gives realism
  • Irresistible swimming action on drop and retrieve
  • Srewin Spinner Blade Kits are optional extras for added vibration/flash

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