Sakura Rock Pocket Review – LRF Lure Wallet

Sakura Rock PocketFor me, part of the enjoyment I’ve taken from discovering ultralight lure fishing, whether that be saltwater LRF or fishing for freshwater Perch, is from the increased mobility and comfort levels experienced. When I started fishing this style just under a year ago now, I didn’t really know which lures and jigs I was going to use from one session to the next. But as my experience has grown, I have acquired a few favourites from the mountains of gear I used to carry and I’ve identified exactly what to use at certain, more regular venues. So with that in mind I had been looking for a smaller lure bag to carry a smaller selection of lures and jigheads.

The Sakura Rock Pocket is exactly made for the job of carrying a small selection of Light Rock Fish (LRF) lures. If you haven’t heard of Sakura before now, no need to worry about the pedigree. Sakura is a great, new(ish) brand originating in France and spawned by the huge rise in popularity of lure fishing in France over the past few years. The French are now experienced and their branches of the sport established to the point that they are designing and manufacturing their own cutting-edge gear, rather than being reliant on equipment sourced from overseas. The UK is still very much reliant on mainly American and Japanese markets, but there is an obvious advantage with French gear – it is designed for similar fishing to that of our own.

Sakura Rock Pocket FrontSakura Rock Pocket Back

So, to the Rock Pocket. The dimensions are as follows; 13.5cm by 11.7cm and 5cm deep. Peel back the Velcro tab and the robust, padded canvas unfolds to reveal five resealable plastic sleeves and an elasticated, mesh pocket containing a clear plastic lure box (included in the price). The resealable sleeves will take the majority of the small packets that jighead manufacturers seem to favour. The lure box has six compartments; one will take 3-inch lures, three will take 2-inch lures, and two will take one-and-a-half inch lures. I’ve found this to be perfect for some of my fishing. You could of course use the box to hold jigs and other accessories as well. I’ve not had any problems with soft plastic lures reacting negatively to the plastic box, but it is always advisable to show caution when adding new lures for the first time – and definitely test lures if you are going to store them together, touching. I advise not to do so if you can, to avoid lures from melting or any colour contamination.

With a minimum of six lures and five jigheads potentially giving you 30 combinations to play with, suddenly this style of tiny lure case doesn’t seem too small at all.

Sakura Rock Pocket SleevesSakura Rock Pocket Mesh

On the back of the wallet you have the option to attach the Rock Pocket either to your belt, by way of a belt loop, or there is a handy, plastic D-loop so you are able to hang the lure wallet on any available clips you may have on your clothing, luggage, etc.

I promise you, the Rock Pocket will make you think harder about the lures you choose to take with you each session, and you’ll enjoy being ultra-light and mobile yourself. Recommended.

I purchased the Sakura Rock Pocket from Monster Tackle. At the time of writing it is currently priced at £8.49. More information can be found here at Monster Tackle


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