New Daiwa Saltiga Z Reels for 2010?

New Daiwa Saltiga Z for 2010There has been some talk on internet fishing forums & chat rooms that Daiwa will update the existing Saltiga Z range of heavy-duty spinning reels this year. If the rumours are true this might see Daiwa include their latest technologies in one of the best reels on the planet. New innovations like ‘Mag Sealed’ waterproofing could be included, as featured in this year’s release of the new Daiwa Certate in Japan.

Details are sketchy but it is rumoured that a new colour scheme could be on the cards after a prototype was spotted. One source has listed the following attributes for the new reels; a new reinforced body, a lighter rotor stabilised by ‘mass redistribution’ (as per the Shimano Stella SW), a new anti-reverse clutch, revised spool lip and a completely new drag. We can’t substantiate any of these details but we sure do hope they are true – we can’t wait to see the new Saltiga Z range!

If you have any more info or a picture, we’d love to hear from you.


Initial rumours have been substantiated somewhat by the release of these two photographs on the web. Check out the new colour schemes – the black coloured rotor has been linked to use of Daiwa’s Zaion material to shed weight.

UPDATE (11th August)

We’ve heard a rumour that the 4500 & 5000 sizes of the new Saltiga Z reel will be available in 2010, with the larger 6000 and 6500 sizes following in early 2011. It is also rumoured that official information on the new products (including new Saltiga rods) is close to release.

More to follow we hope – in the meantime check out this Daiwa image:

New Saltiga Z 4500

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  1. Hi. Haven’t seen anything official yet but Japan Tackle is doing the new reels on pre-order from US$1099

  2. A very thorough review of the new Daiwa Saltiga by UK angler Alan Hawk. Thanks for highlighting this Mutu.

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