New Daiwa Certate for 2010

2010 is already proving to be a great year for exciting new fishing tackle. The latest in a growing list of hot tackle items to be launched this year is news that Daiwa have created a brand new Certate – one of the best spinning reels in the world.

Best news of all is that Daiwa haven’t just rehashed the existing design but created something brand new with some amazing new features. First up, something called ‘Mag Sealed’. This new feature is straight out of sci-fi. Based on NASA technology, Daiwa have capitalised on a new material – magnetic fluid. Used for fuel management in space ships, Daiwa have adapted this latest technology as a waterproofing agent. The magnetic liquid has been combined with brand new CRBB bearings to create smooth gearing that’s impervious to liquid – making the intrusion of water and therefore corrosion a thing of the past. Quite whether this means that the reels will be able to cope with the occasional dunk in salt water is not clear at present. Daiwa still brand the reels as ‘Washable’ – sounds cautious to me. Only time will tell.

As you might expect, a flagship reel such as the Certate features the very latest in Daiwa design developments. From the pictures that have leaked out so far, it appears that the new Certate will be treated to ABS II, Machine Cut Digigear II, Silent Oscillation III, Neo Cross Wrap and the new Air Rotor. We’re not quite sure how Daiwa found so much to improve in the old Certate!

The new Certate will be available in seven sizes from the ultra light 1003 up to a 3000 size, begging the question; where’s the 4000?

We can’t wait. Looks to be hitting stores in Australia from March. Specialist Japanese Etailers may well have stock already… race you!

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7 thoughts on “New Daiwa Certate for 2010”

  1. Hi Dan – first reels look to have landed in Japan stores but selling fast. I need a 3000 bad!

  2. Hi Editor – it would be great if someone could compare it side by side to EXIST HYPER BRANZINO CUSTOM 2508R.

  3. Cheers for the write up, has anyone been using Certate, i have been looking at buying a new reel and this keeps coming up as one of the best.

    Just looking for some advice on others who have used it.

    Thanks, Kevin.

  4. Hi Kevin – The Certate is an amazing reel range, the Daiwa equivalent of the Shimano Stella in the smaller sizes. While taking all opinions into account from around the globe, the Stella probably is the better reel, however Daiwa does finesse and feel better than anyone else in my opinion, and that’s why it’s my choice for spinning in the UK. If I was chasing tropical pelagics my decision might be different, but for now it’s an absolute pleasure. From your avatar I assume you intend to use for freshwater angling – I think this is as good as a coarse reel gets.
    Hope that helps.

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