New Akios Multiplier Reels Seen

We’ve spotted an interesting looking, new fishing reel at the back of a UK sea angling magazine. There’s only a small picture to go on but the multiplier reels – which look to be manufactured predominantly for sea fishing – appear to be branded as ‘Akios’, a brand we haven’t heard of before. In fact searching for the brand online has almost drawn a complete blank. The only possible

link we could find is that the AKIOS trademark in the UK is owned by Sellfish Tackle Ltd – a company I had only linked with retailing until now.

Taking a closer look at the photograph it looks like the Akios range of reels is named ‘S-Line’. One of the reels in shot looks to be called the S-Line 757CS. The reel in question has a level-wind which begs the question whether Akios have ‘borrowed’ ABU’s naming convention of CS for level-wind, CT for without. We can confirm that there is a converted, level-wind free reel in shot.

Much like the Rocket Reel Company TG-F1 launched earlier this year, there appears to be a lot of design similarities with the latest ABU Ambassadeur range of multipliers, even down to the design of the star drag. One in shot appears to feature the newer version of ABU’s mag control with the knob at the bottom of the left sideplate.

We look forward to finding out more in July.


Reel specifications, price and launch date are now available : Akios S-Line Reels

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7 thoughts on “New Akios Multiplier Reels Seen”

  1. this is interesting to know… because AKIOS has been designed by a guy who designed the Suveran… i think… not sure but 99% this guy knows what he’s doin…

    i think AKIOS reels are better than the ABU GARCIAS … i can bet new products like this are better than the ABu’s plus they cost lesser in sterling…

    waiting to buy and try…

  2. akios reels are rebadged omoto reels, made in taiwan,and if one shops around the original abu models can be bought for the same retail price.

  3. akios reels are rebadged models from the chief series manufactured by omoto fishing in taiwan

  4. would you go to order from Taiwan if you could get a better akios reel in UK? i think the man behind the Akios reels knows what he’s doing really…. 16 long years working for ABU as product manager… he knows the weaknesses or the products and been adressed i believe coz he is AKIOS…

  5. i think the OMOTO chief reels is where ABU GARCIA took their design instead… look at the ABU SEVEN… and 7000 series… ABU GARCIA quality’s gone down really as they have cheap plastic parts inside their reels now thats why they are cheap… my mate bought an ABU SEVEN recently used it once caught a big COD and wondered why it wasnt that smooth and there were uneveness inside the reel when he opened it…we saw all the parts gears were made of plastic instead of BRASS… this is where the difference comes in… got an AKIOS… opened it… BRASS… proper BRASS… cheaper than ABU GARCIA… but the QUALITY is FAR SUPERIOR than ABU GARCIA… Try AKIOS… and you will SEE what i mean…

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