Mustad Viking 79515 Hooks

Mustad Viking 79515 HookWe might not all find hook patterns exciting but we all depend on our hook choice to hook and land that fish of a lifetime. For me, successful fishing is all about confidence. The Mustad Viking 79515 hook is one of those hooks that gives me confidence. If I need a 3/0 or 4/0 for my boat fishing then I turn to the Mustad 79515 Uptide Viking.

The Mustad Viking is not a new hook – it’s been around for many years and in that time Mustad have made a few tweaks as hook manufacture technology has improved. The current Viking hook features the following:

  • Fine Wire – fine wire hooks ease baiting up and give the most natural bait presentation
  • Bronzed Finish – a bronzed hook will corrode away quicker if lost inside a fish, giving it best chance of survival
  • Forged Wire and Bend – the forging process increases hook strength by around 25% but retains a healthy spring
  • Ultrapoint Needle Point– Mustad’s Ultrapoint is chemically sharpened to give maximum penetration
  • Tapered Eye – reduces unwanted weight and aids baiting up with a neater eye

For me, there isn’t a better multi purpose sea fishing hook. If your fishing style involves chopping and changing different baits like mackerel strip or fillets, whole squid, and crab there isn’t a better hook. And for medium to large sandeel you can’t get better than a 3/o Viking in my opinion.  One of the best all-round sea hooks ever.

Mustad Uptide Viking

[You can just make out in the picture above differing abbreviations used in this hook’s model number – e.g. 79515NPBR & 79515BR – don’t concern yourself if you see different codes as they are the same hook, Mustad appear to have evolved the naming convention. NP = Needle Point | BR = Bronzed]

Somewhere along the line the Mustad Viking inherited the name Mustad ‘Uptide’ Viking despite to the best of my knowledge, the hook out-dating this technique. Just to clear this up, although highly suitable for Uptide Fishing this hook is more than suitable for all kinds of sea fishing including beach and downtide boat fishing.

I have heard of anglers turning out the point with pliers (kirbed) to aid hooking potential but I’ve never felt the need to increase hooking power and baiting up can be harder with an offset point. I’d recommend leaving this hook as Mustad intended.

The 79515 Viking is available in the following sizes: 11/02/03/04/06/0

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