Miriabu – newcomer to Big Game Reels

Just stumbled across Miriabu reel (and hooks) being imported into the UK by Advanta Angling. Not much to go on as yet but the reels look pretty, if not familiar in design.

The Miriabu Mito range of big game reels are said to have been tested against denizens of the deep in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

It appears that there three reels within the range in the following sizes; Mito 12/20, Mito 20/30 & Mito 50/80

Amongst the limited information is the following key features:

  • Fine tune drag system featuring ‘space age’ material able to cope with high temperatures
  • Reel body machined from solid bar stock Duralium
  • 4 sealed ball bearings for smooth operation (this seems on the low side for a reel of this size)
  • Solid one-piece spool
  • Counter balanced, aluminium power handle

Twin Speed lbs / yds Ratio Price
Mito 12/20 20 / 950 co-po 1:3.9 / 1:1.7 £495.00
Mito 20/30 30 / 950 co-po 1:3.9 / 1:1.7 £550.00
Mito 50/80 50 / 950 co-po 1:3.1 / 1:1.3 £595.00

For further information contact Advanta Angling Ltd, 2 Station Road, Verwood, Dorset, BH31 7PU. Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1202 827220, or visit http://www.advantaltd.com/products/miriabu/mito_reels.htm

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