Lynx Fishing – No More Knots?

Lynx FishingI have Twitter to thank for this discovery. A few industry people in the know have been unable to keep an exciting new tackle development under wraps. This development – a system for joining line without knots –  is planned for release in 2012 by a new UK-based company, Lynx Fishing.

Lynx Fishing have developed a technique called Precision Compression Technology. The process is said to join line while sustaining 100% of its original strength (traditional knots can weaken line by as much as 50%). What’s more, the technique is said to achieve this result without the use of heat or glue.

At this early stage we’re not sure whether the technology is only viable on a large scale – i.e. manufacture – or whether the technology can be sized to enable the process to be carried out by the angler. One of the limited tit-bits of information that has been released is that Lynx Fishing will initially offer ‘a range of rigs’, so perhaps it will be limited to a manufacturing process, for now. We could speculate that this either means the device involved is big or expensive (or both).

Regardless, as a light-line angler myself, I’d welcome any technique that would enable me to fish line of thinner diameter without the fear of weakening it with standard knots. In addition, there is huge potential for a device that makes attaching line to terminal tackle, easy for the masses.

Only time will tell I guess. The official launch of Lynx Fishing is planned for the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition, held in Paris this June.

If you’d like to join us in keeping an eye out for more news on Lynx Fishing and their Precision Compression Technology, here’s the address of their holding page :

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