Hot Rox Hand Warmer (with video)

Hot Rox Hand WarmerNo Boiling, No Burning, No Fiddle, No Fuss

Now this was a neat new item being exhibited at the Tackle & Guns Show – the electronic Hot Rox Hand Warmer.

David House, the Managing Director of the company behind HotRox demonstrated the new product for us and I have to say it beats traditional hand warmers for a number of reasons.

Unlike the hot gel hand warmers you might have seen or used, the Hot Rox hand warmer is electronic. This offers two great benefits to me:

1) I’m used to the daily process of charging electronic items like mobile phones and cameras, etc – boiling on a stove however (the recharge process on gel hand warmers) is a bit of a chore. Not a great fan of boiled eggs or boil-in-the-bag meals. My boiling skills stop at the kettle.

Actually, I once forgot I was boiling a hand warmer; all the water evaporated and I wrote off a saucepan and filled the house with toxic fumes – I wasn’t very popular!

The HotRox hand warmer can be recharged up to 500 times from either a wall socket or a computer’s USB port – handy – providing up to 6 hours heat per charge.

2) With any kind of chemical hand warmer, like the gel ones, once you ignite it, it runs until it cools down. One burst of heat and then nothing. With the electronic Hot Rox hand warmer there’s a nifty little on and off switch, giving you the ability to stagger bursts of heat right through your fishing session – now that’s a really useful feature.

Hot Rox Hand Warmers

I think it’s well accepted that having cold hands takes the edge off your fishing, and while wearing gloves is simple, it can mean you lose all sensitivity in your touch.

We like the HotRox Hand Warmer. The device improves upon what’s currently available. The heat output is excellent. The quality and branding looks good. And recharging fits in with everyday life. We predict that this will be one of the best selling angling gifts this Christmas.

Price for the Hot Rox Hand Warmer is £29.99. We recommend the online retailer(s) in the table below.

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