Fish Pimp – 2010 Product Guide

Every nymph needs a pimp! – Fish Pimp

Man has been fly fishing for 500 years. And we still need all the help we can get.

When it comes to fishing, you want any edge you can get. Fish Pimp know this and makes a number of fly fishing accessories that you’ll learn to depend on – catching more fish. Fish Pimp use better thinking, better engineering and better materials. Here we take a look at what’s on offer in 2010.

Fish Pimp Strike Indicators

The old favourite just got better. Aerodynamically shaped for both forward and back casts, the Fish Pimp is easy to use and simple to get on and off your line. Use it over and over again without kinking your leader or leaving any sticky residue. best of all, the indicator is extremely buoyant, making it easy to see strikes before you can feel them.

  • New, patented design works better than ever
  • See strikes before you can feel them
  • 30% lighter than other foam indicators
  • Dimpled surface reduced drag
  • Three quick-change options including dead drfit option
  • Available in four colours and three sizes: mini, original & jumbo
  • Most versatile indicator available

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It’s fundamental fly-fishing physics: high and dry flies mean better presentation and more strikes. Shake-n-Float is a revolutionary accessory that does just that. Its innovative two-chamber system keeps drying agent and floatant separate but in the same container, allowing you to dry your fly and apply floatant quicker and easier. And its notched lid feature won’t crimp or kink your line.

  • Notched lid won’t crimp or kink your line
  • Dispenser design keeps floatant & drying agent from blowing away – eliminating waste
  • Dries soaked flies & gets them floating fast
  • Patent-pending design ingeniously separates drying agent & floatant in same container creating a longer-lasting effect
  • Easily refillable – use over & over again

Renew Line Tool

A good fly line isn’t cheap. But you can make yours last longer and perform better by always keeping it clean and conditioned. And the new Fish Pimp Renew Line Tool makes it easier than ever. It’s the revolutionary way to clean and condition fly lines. Just clip it on and the two reusable cleaning pads will remove grime and apply our fly line cleaner and conditioner as you reel.

  • Clean & condition your fly line as fast as you can reel it in
  • Help your line shoot further, pick up easier & last longer
  • Applies fly line cleaner & conditioner
  • Replacement cleaning pads available
  • Works with any size rod

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Solutions, Floatants, Thinners & Spray

  • Renew Solution – Line Cleaner and Conditioner – For use with the Renew Line Tool – Helps lines cast further and last longer – non-toxic & water-based
  • Perma Fly – Premium Dry Fly Spray – Uses latest technology – Keeps flies floating higher & longer – Dries in seconds – Permanent
  • Hard Headed – Water-Based Tying Cement – Dries quickly with hard, clear, glossy finish – Won’t crack or break in cold or hot weather – Penetrates deep for a permanent hold
  • Head Strong – Tying Cement – Great for saltwater flies & building up heads – Dries clear with a flexible, durable finish – Also works to repair small holes in waders!
  • Head Strong – Thinner – Use to thin Head Strong Tying Cement – Makes for easy clean-up of excess Head Strong – Eliminates waste
  • Fly Sauce– Premium Dry Fly Floatant – Keeps your fly floating higher & for longer – Lasts twice as long as other floatants – Won’t leave an ‘oil slick’ around your fly
  • Shake-n-Float– Dries flies & gets them floating fast – Quick-use, affordable mix of floatant & drying agent

Fish Pimp Clothing

Look Super Fly. Clothing that actually makes you a better angler… or at least makes you look like one! Fish Pimp offers a full line of functional and fashionable apparel, from trucker caps and t-shirts to quick-dry long sleeve shirts and airy knits, perfect for the river or saltwater flats.


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