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New Daiwa Logo2011 is a big year for Daiwa UK. Daiwa has a new logo and a fresh new brand image that it wants to align in every country – we first saw the release of the new Daiwa logo in Australia in December 2009. As you can see, it’s a radical change from the logo we’ve all grown up with. I’m sure it won’t be to everyone’s favour but I really think it’s a great move from Daiwa. While I agree that this is a gamble in terms of brand recognition, I think the new look and feel is bang on for a company that produces some of the most technically advanced fishing tackle on the planet. I must have skipped on playing DaisySlots casino games for a while, and see how these new advanced fishing tackle improve my fishing hunt.

While sales people may have reservations in changing something that was already working, the real bonus for us anglers is that in an effort to erase use of the old brand and logo, Daiwa has released a massive range of new tackle this year – all featuring the new Vector logo.

What follows is a quick glance at what attracted our attention at the recent Tackle & Guns Show at Stoneleigh Park. The Daiwa stand only featured a small fraction of the 2011 range due to size constraints but there was still plenty to get excited about before the 2011 Daiwa catalogue lands in the next couple of weeks.

Daiwa 7HT Mag ST MultiplierDaiwa 7HT Mag ST

Like most people, when I saw the first pictures of the 7HT Mag Super Tuned in Sea Angler magazine I fell in love. What an awesome looking piece of kit – the pinnacle of beach casting multipliers – and the almost unobtainable price tag of £399 just added to the mystique of this reel. Much to my delight, Daiwa had not one, but two ST reels at the T&G show. Picking one up gave me all the familiarity of the original 7HT that I used to fish with, but in a new league all of its own. Despite taking the same form everything has been improved – whether that’s the CNC machined mag dial with micro click adjustment, the carbon fibre swept handle with comfortable foam knobs, an improved intelligent Magnofuge braking system, or the 9 bearings (including 8 CRBB). I’ve never seen anyone come close to fitting that many bearings in a beach multiplier before. This is the Formula 1 of beach reels. Absolutely awesome!

Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag 2-SpeedDaiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Lever Drag

We’ve always appreciated the quality of Daiwa’s Saltiga range of boat multipliers (we have two) and taken an interest in others opinions too. While no-one questions the quality or performance of these reels, a fairly common comment concerns the lack of a lever drag option. The Saltiga star drag is the smoothest in the business and highly usable, but some anglers just prefer the control and preset functionality of a good lever drag. Until now those anglers have had to rule out Daiwa’s top of the range boat reels. Following in the footsteps of last years new Saltist Lever Drag, Saltiga now gets a lever drag, and what a beauty it is too. Available in 30 to 50 sizes (LD30 | LD40 | LD50), all reels also get 2-speed functionality. My first impression was of how light the biggest reel was (LD50). It looked a lot heavier than the quoted 26 ounces – it wasn’t. As you’d expect, the lever operation was smooth with a soft clicker, as was the 2-speed mechanism. Also of note was how comfortable the left-hand palming sideplate was, with its recessed clicker. In silver and blue it’s a looker too. Bound to be a hit if anglers can put a value on the RRP of £450 for the smallest model.

Team Daiwa Match Reel 2011New TDM Team Daiwa Match Reels

The 2011 TDM has a similar spec to the highly popular, blue TDR match reels but at a more affordable price. The ‘Team Daiwa’ label isn’t awarded lightly so the new reel isn’t disadvantaged. Along with 6 bearings, AirBail, Twist Buster II and Digigear, the new TDM features Daiwa’s excellent HIP line clip to aid safe, accurate casting. In addition to the standard 2508 and 3012 sizes, a new 4012 sized reel has been added – perfect for heavy feeder and more powerful float work. We also feel that the more subdued black aesthetics with gold trim will be well received in the UK market.

New Daiwa Certate Spinning Reels

We were ecstatic to see that the UK would not have to wait another season to receive the hotly awaited new Daiwa Certate, featuring Mag Sealed technology. For more information check out our previous release on the New Daiwa Certate. UK prices will start at £425 RRP. As always, expect sizable discounts from some retailers.

Daiwa Crosscast ReelDaiwa Crosscast S Big Pit Reel

I want to describe the new Crosscast reel as a budget version of last season’s Windcast but use of the term ‘budget’ seems somewhat unfair. I was initially impressed by the reel after handling. I was blown away when I saw that the price tag was just £69.99 RRP – this should mean a sub £60 price point if you shop around. The Crosscast S looks to be available in 5000 and 5500 sizes and features an attractive, modern matt black finish with silver spool and highlights. A great looking reel at this price. I’m sure this will be hugely popular in 2011.

Daiwa New Era Fly ReelNew Era Fly Reels

It was impossible to miss the new New Era fly reels from Daiwa – gorgeous! We hope the picture does them justice. Based on a cartridge spool system, where each cartridge is entirely reversible and manufactured from precision machined aluminium. Each of the three cartridges has colour coded anodising; red, black & green. There’s an attractive ‘easy grip’ drag adjustment controlling a smooth and powerful carbon washer drag system and sizes included in the range are; #5/6 | #7/8 | #8/9 | 10/11. Although each is available as a reel only option, the full package with cartridges includes a nice protective case with compartments for each of the three cartridges.

Daiwa Shinobi BraidNew Daiwa Braid Line

Daiwa 8 Braid will be available in a new colour in 2011 – high-vis Yellow/Green. Same great, 8-strand characteristics in a great new colour. As recommended by angling celebrity Henry Gilbey on his Blog. While on braid, we noticed a new Daiwa brand called Shinobi Braid Super PE. It looks like a quality 4-strand braid available in luminous green, and we hope, Daiwa’s excellent Accudepth colouring.

Other Daiwa News

Latest News: Daiwa’s Minispin System was featured on the list of best backpacking fishing rods out there on the market. Minispin System won the second place award in the category Best Backpacking Fishing Pole 2019. As per Daiwa’s official website, the Minispin System is smaller than ultralight travel tackle. It’s a perfect size for tucking in your luggage, strapping to a backpack or just keeping handy under the car seat.

I wasn’t expecting to see multi-world shore fishing champion Ian Golds on the Daiwa stand but all became clear earlier this week when Fishing-Tackle.co.uk learnt that the Daiwa Sundridge group had struck a deal with Ian Golds Tackle to manufacture and distribute their innovative sea fishing products.

We think it’s going to be a good year for Daiwa UK and look forward to getting our hands on the larger items of tackle. Watch out for the 2011 Daiwa Catalogue which is due out within the next couple of weeks.

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