Hiro Bream Machine Rod – a Year Long Review

Hiro Bream MachineThe East Solent from the Isle of Wight across to Selsey really comes alive in the spring. From mid-April onwards a wide variety of fish come into reaching distance for boat anglers. There is a genuine chance of a record weight Smoothhound or Tope (catch and release please) and local sport fishing charter services take out stacks of anglers looking for drag-busting fun but you may just be missing out on one of our best kept secrets.

The humble Black Bream arrive right across the south coast from Continue reading “Hiro Bream Machine Rod – a Year Long Review”

Rite Gear Rod Bag – Matchman Rod Holdall

Rite GearHere at Fishing-Tackle.co.uk we love to support smaller fishing tackle manufacturers. Not because they need our support, but because generally a small tackle manufacturer is less about marketing and more about well thought out products. This is certainly the case with Dene Conway’s Rite Gear brand and their first product, the Rite Gear Matchman Rod Holdall.

It shows that 4 years of prototypes and testing went into what Continue reading “Rite Gear Rod Bag – Matchman Rod Holdall”

Review of Tronix Pro Twin Spreader Booms

Tronix Spreader BoomsLesson learned yesterday. Stick with what you know.

Plaice season is in full swing on the South Coast where I fish and in recent seasons we’ve changed the way we fish for these handsome flatfish – namely with spreader booms.

Although slightly cumbersome out the water, fished from the boat these spreaders do appear to hold an advantage over our preferred tackle of previous years – running ledger, spoons, etc. Whether that’s because they facilitate Continue reading “Review of Tronix Pro Twin Spreader Booms”

Best Fishing Websites in the UK 2010

Hitwise Top Fishing Websites 2010Thanks to the good people at Hitwise we’re able to accurately rank the top 10 best fishing websites in the UK for the last year, ranked by visitor numbers (popularity).

With our sport being so diverse it’s interesting to look how the top 10 splits out. We’ve added our own categorisation Continue reading “Best Fishing Websites in the UK 2010”

Fish n Tips Magazine – couldn’t keep it up

Fish n Tips MagazineThis was meant to be a happy post about how thrilled we were about the launch of Fish n Tips – a brand new fishing magazine with a fresh, fun approach. Unfortunately I’ve just read the sad news on fntmag.co.uk that the magazine has not managed to secure enough advertising revenue to put the second issue to print.

I thumbed Continue reading “Fish n Tips Magazine – couldn’t keep it up”