Wychwood Wader Bag Review

Wychwood Wader BagThe Leeda stand at the Tackle & Guns Trade Show was a highlight; the Wychwood section being the jewel in the crown. I was lucky enough to catch up with Paul Richardson, designer for the Wychwood Game brand who generously guided me through his latest developments. There were many but one that really stood out was the new Wychwood Wader Bag.

The benefits of this dedicated wader bag are many but the key one for me was how the design aims to maximise the longevity of your waders through sensible and proper storage. Pretty much every other wader bag I have seen requires the waders to be scrunched into confinement – something your expensive waders won’t thank you for. By comparison, the Wychwood WaderBag treats your waders to the same level of care that you would bestow on your favourite suit.

Wychwood Wader Bag DryingVery much like a suit carrier, the waders are hung up within the bag while in storage and folded into thirds for a managable pack size while in transit. This minimises any unnecessary folding or creases, maximising the life of your waders – perhaps by an extra few seasons.

Wychwood may have redefined wader storage and transportation but it doesn’t stop there – the detail in this £39.99 product is amazing too. Where to start.

The hanging of your waders is easy. Either attach the braces to the integrated clips inside or use a traditional hanger – your choice. The hanging of the wader bag is facilitated by integrated cordura hoops and eyelets.

Changing mats aren’t unique but how about a plush neoprene one? Soft and warm for a more comfortable change-over.

The wader bag features a number of zipped pockets. Two for valuables (keys, etc) and a large, self-drying compartment for storing your wader boots.

In terms of aiding the airing and drying of your damp waders, the bag features large mesh panels of a robust material. The mesh panels are enough to enable your waders to dry naturally whilst still hung in the bag. And by clever design, when the bag is folded for transportation – say, in your car – any moisture won’t leak out as the mesh panels face inwards. While we’re discussing the materials used it’s good to point out that all materials are of a high quality and rot-proof. It really does look the business.

In the Wychwood sales bumph it says ‘bringing together ground-breaking design and breathtaking looks’. After seeing the new range at the show I have to agree with this statement. Both the design and the quality appearance give the feeling of a much more expensive product. With an RRP of just £39.99, the Wychwood Wader Bag has to be one of the bargains of the 2010/2011 season.

The Wychwood Wader Bag is available from our recommended supplier, Sportfish. To purchase or view more pictures, click here

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