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White Fishing ReelsA couple of years back, myself and a good friend of mine (Dan Sissons) were enthusing over some custom fishing reels when it was suggested how awesome it would be to have a bright white fishing reel. It’s fair to say that the thought was most probably triggered as a result of Apple’s iPod domination of cool and the resulting trend in shiny, white sports cars, but the point was well made – we didn’t have an ultra cool, white fishing reel.

It looks like the 2010/2011 season will change that. Meet two of the coolest fishing reels on the planet; the new Wychwood Truefly Salt and the Vision Deep fly reels. Man, those super-fly, fly fishers have got it sooo good!

At the Tackle & Guns Show we found out that beauty ISN’T only skin deep. The brand new Truefly SALT from Wychwood didn’t win ‘Best New Fly Reel’ at EFFTEX 2010 just because of its cool looks. Wychwood have taken the award-winning technology and design from the original Truefly reel and combined them with new features to make this new reel perfect for a saltwater environment.

Wychwood Truefly SALT Reel

Wychwood have incorporated their super large arbor design with a newly improved, lighter frame made from barstock aluminium – the result is the world’s lightest fly reel in its class. The drag has also been newly designed too, especially for use around saltwater. And if you thought the white colour was a gimmick, think again. Wychwood’s Polar White finish was formed out of function, repelling sunlight and allowing the reel to stay cooler in hotter climates, extending both performance and angler comfort.

The original Wychwood Truefly SLA reels were by far the best selling fly reels in the UK last year and although targeting a much smaller market, the Truefly SALT is sure to follow in the success. One of my show highlights for sure.

Following the white fishing reels trend, another fly reel caught my eye at the show – the Vision Deep. This new reel from Vision is also available in gloss black but it was the matt white colour of the Vision Deep 78 on display that drew me in. The Deep is available in a 5/6 model as well as the 7/8 weight, both of which will be available at an RRP of £49.99.

Again, this is a lightweight, large arbor fly reel (162g or 178g). The frame is die-cast aluminium which is then machine finished to save excess weight and improve the look. The Vision Deep is finished off with a sealed drag system listed as giving smooth performance in use. That’s a lot of ‘cool’ for the money.

White Vision Deep Fly Reels

Shimano Trinidad A SeriesAnd just to give all you non-fly anglers some hope in the cool stakes, check out the latest version of the Shimano Trinidad multiplier – the A-Series – released in the US earlier this year. That tricked-out, white handle comes as standard. We think it looks pretty cool.

Could this be a sign of things to come? We hope so. Only time will tell if this trend catches on with manufacturers and anglers alike.

Seen any other new, white fishing reels? We’d love to know about them. Post your comments below.

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