Video: Fuji’s New Tangle Free Rod Guides (K-Series)

Those clever people at Fuji, the rod guide manufacturer have done it again. Nearly five years of research, testing and design have lead to the new K-Series guide set, guides specifically created to remove the risk of tangles around rod guides while using braid fishing lines.

Most of us probably don’t think too much about the eyes on our rods but with five years development these K-Series guides have some key design elements:

  1. The Frame. Designed to guide line up towards the eye and away from the lower frame where tangles often begin.
  2. The Finish. The Titanium frame material is polished to an amazing level. The finish is so smooth that line has very little chance of catching and letting a tangle develop.
  3. The Eye. The eye material is either SiC or Alconite but the clever bit is the angle they’re positioned at. Leaning slightly forward, this again guides loops of line up towards the top and front of the ring where there’s no place for snags to hide.

These new rod rings may look a bit odd and take a little getting used to but we’re sure you’ll agree that this is a great step forward on rod guide design – the video shows you why.

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