Tuf-Line / Snowbee – T&G Show [part 2]

One of the most attractive stands at the show, and as ever filled with quality products was that of Snowbee. 2009 has proved to be the best year yet for Snowbee’s 25 years in business. The success is reported to be due to ranging quality, innovative products that are sensibly priced and supported by great service and supply.

Amongst the huge array of first class fly fishing equipment on offer was a big star of the future in the UK – perhaps even a bit understated – Tuf-Line braid line.

Tuf-Line superlines are manufactured by Western Filaments in the US. They already have quite a following in other parts of the world but haven’t really been promoted all that heavily here in the UK. Snowbee have picked up the UK and Irish distribution after losing Power Pro when the manufacturer, Innovative Textiles was gobbled up by Shimano earlier this year. Although Snowbee picking up Tuf-Line was as a direct result of losing Power Pro their statement says it all, “We thought we had used the best, until we came across Tuf-Line… It’s amazing!”

The Tuf-Line range of braided lines includes; the best seller, XP – a tough line with fantastic strength to diameter; XP Indicator – all the benefits of XP with a change in colour every 10 feet allowing accurate control of depth or range; and the super star, Dura Cast.

Dura Cast is made from best quality Spectra fibre but with the unique addition of a nylon core that is effectively melted through from the inside to ‘lock’ the fibres in place and create a smooth external finish that doesn’t flake off. In fact, this is the smoothest finish of any braided line available today. Smooth doesn’t equal soft though. Dura Cast’s revolutionary manufacturing process creates a braid with new levels of durability – this is also one of the most abrasion resistant superlines ever.

Designed especially for spinning reels, the smoothness helps eliminate wind knots, tip wraps & excessive rod ring noise, as well as adding distance on your casts. It’s ideal for spinning, spodding and all other braid applications – freshwater or salt.

Going some way to prove how special this product is, Dura Cast won ‘Best New Product’ at the recent EFTTEX tackle show in Budapest.

For more information on Tuf-Line and many other quality products visit www.snowbee.co.uk

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  1. May well choose XP Indicator for my boat fishing duties next season and try out Dura Cast on a spinning outfit. Expect a review when I do.

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