Shimano Purist Rods – UK Specialist Range

Introducing Purist – a new concept inspired by leading UK specialist anglers including Shimano consultant and youngest ever Angling Times Drennan Cup holder Darran Goulder. The upshot is a quality, 10-strong range of species and situation-specific rods which offer everything the all-round specialist fish hunter could wish for. Non-glare satin finishes, quality fixtures and fittings… at realistic prices which won’t break the bank! Check out the full Purist range of rods from Shimano.

Purist 12ft 6in Brench

‘Brench’ was born out of the names of two species; bream and tench. Both reaching impressive sizes of over 10lb, often inhabiting large, deep and weedy gravel pits presenting a real challenge to the anglers targeting them. A fast tip action on this 2-piece rod assists distance casting. Features include Shimano reel seat, cork handle, carbon line clip and ten quality guides.

PUB126 | 12ft 6in | 1.75lb rating | 2-piece | XT60 + Biofibre | £129.99 from Fishtec

Purist 11ft-12ft 6in Light Specialist

A go-anywhere rod. Can be used with confidence on rivers, drains and lakes of all sizes. More than just another multi-length rod, its parabolic action and dual length facility (thanks to a one foot extension) are further boosted by the inclusion of two different strength Avon top sections. Features Shimano reel seat, cork handle plus carbon line clip.

PULS11126 | 11-12ft 6in | 0.75-1.25lb rating | 9 sections | XT60 + Biofibre | RRP £149.99

Purist 12ft 6in Tench Float

Float fishing is undeniably the ‘purist’ form of targeting tench. In this rod, with its 2-piece construction plus cork handle and 14 well spaced guides, the purist has the perfect weapon. Its soft tip action cushions the lunges of powerful fish at close range, ensuring small hooks stay put without pulling out at the net. Fixtures include keeper ring, carbon line clip, balance weight plus Shimano reel seat.

PUTF126 | 12ft 6in | 1.75lb rating | 2-piece | XT60 + Biofibre | £139.99 from Fishtec

Purist 7ft Creek Critter

Lure fishing for zander, perch and pike is a growing part of the all-rounder’s armoury. The 7ft Purist Creek Critter is the perfect small water weapon with its spliced solid carbon tip imparting life to soft plastics, plugs and spinnerbaits and thus encouraging strikes from wary predators. It also features an eye-less, foot long extension taking the length to 8ft where space allows. Equipped with hook keeper, Duplon grip, nine guides plus Shimano plate reel seat.

PUCC7 | 7-8ft | 3-15g rating | 2+1 piece | XT60 + Biofibre | RRP £79.99

Purist 8ft Pikey Poker

A beefier rod for larger lures and heavier predators on bigger, deeper waters, the Pikey Poker is another tremendous inclusion to the Purist range. Designed to withstand heavy duty use and abuse from boat or bank, its part cork-part Duplon handle carries a Shimano plate reel seat while seven quality guides ensure smooth passage of line or braid.

PUPP8 | 8ft | 15-40g rating | 2-piece | XT60 + Biofibre | RRP £79.99

Purist 6ft 6in Little Ripper

Equipped with Shimano trigger reel seat, Duplon grip, seven quality guides plus hook keeper, the Little Ripper is a jerkbait angler’s new best friend. Built to perform time after time in the most demanding predator fishing situations.

PULR66 | 6ft 6in | 28-90g rating | 2-piece | XT60 + Biofibre | RRP £79.99

Purist 12ft 2¾lb Deadbait Classic

Deadbaiting remains the number one tactic for UK predator anglers, and the sheer numbers of big pike which fall to this approach each season justifies the enduring popularity. The 12ft 2.75lb Classic is the lighter of two deadbait rods in the Purist range. Features include cork handle, Shimano reel seat, six perfectly spaced and sized guides plus hook keeper and carbon line clip.

PUDBC12275 | 12ft | 2.75lb rating | 2-piece | XT60 + Biofibre | RRP £119.99

Purist 12ft 3lb Deadbait Distance

On waters where pike lay further from the bank, the 12ft 3lb Distance rod will prove a deadbait angler’s better option than the 2.75lb Classic version. Likewise if larger baits such as mackerel and herring are the choice, its extra power propelling them further on the cast without fear of overloading the rod or ripping the hooks out. High grade fixtures are otherwise identical to the Classic.

PUDBC12275 | 12ft | 3lb rating | 2-piece | XT60 + Biofibre | RRP £124.99

Purist 12-13ft 2lb Barbel Multi Power

On larger waters where longer casts, heavier payloads and stronger flows present a different challenge to Purist anglers seeking barbel. The Purist Multi Barbel Power’s 2lb test curve keeps you in control of all these demands, whilst still retaining a sweet playing action to tire out and defeat specimen fish. Fixtures and fittings are the same high grade as the lighter Classic version.

PUBP1213200 | 12-13ft | 2lb rating | 8 sections | XT60 + Biofibre | £129.99 from Fishtec

Purist 11-12ft 1½lb Barbel Multi Classic

Barbel are part and parcel of most all-round specialist anglers’ agenda. Some of the biggest known Barbel dwell in narrow rivers where casting heavy weights and countering strong flows are not an issue. It’s a common mistake to fish with too powerful a rod which lacks the correct playing action. With cork/Duplon grip and Shimano reel seat, the 1½lb test curve Purist Barbel Classic is ideal for such situations, providing two length options plus quivertip and Avon top sections.

PUBC1112150 | 11-12ft 6in | 1.5lb rating | 8 sections | XT60 + Biofibre | £134.99 from Fishtec

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