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Shimano Baby Baitrunners win Coarse Fishing Award

Posted by Editor On October - 9 - 2009

It didn't take long! Just moments after Shimano's 2010 catalogue had arrived, the new 'Baby Baitrunners' have already won their first award.

UK publication, Improve Your Coarse Fishing has awarded the new, smaller-than-ever baitrunners their 'Product of the Month' award citing the new design as revolutionary for some areas of the sport.

Dave Woodmansey, Deputy Editor of Improve Your Coarse Fishing commented ‘These reels are absolutely cock-on for commercial carp work where ‘lumps’ regularly rip rods off rests, or for specialist barbel, chub, tench, and bream fishing, or lightweight roving.’

The two news sizes, 2500 & 4000 are available in two forms - a standard 'ST' version and a slightly more expensive, but better equipped 'DL' incarnation. A quick look at the new catalogue specifications shows key differences to be in the number of bearings (ST 1+1, DL 3+1), while the DL also features an attractive diecast aluminium spool, twin handle and Shimano's Floating Shaft II technology giving superior smoothness and efficiency.

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