Savage Gear 25cm Soft 4Play – Best Soft Lure EFTTEX 2011

Savage Gear Soft 4Play 25cm LureOne of the biggest categories in this year’s EFTTEX awards was for Best New Soft Lure. Out of the 15-strong short list, the Savage Gear 25cm Soft 4Play lure came through to be crowned overall winner.

The 4Play lure brand has evolved nicely over time, from a sizable array of hardbaits, softbaits in 2011 and now a 25cm giant.

There’s no denying that Savage Gear lures are highly attractive to both man and fish – the 25cm Soft 4Play should be no different. It will be available in 6 of their fantastic colour schemes and is said they will appeal to both fresh and saltwater predator anglers targeting anything from monster pike to halibut.

When targeting big, nasty predators with soft baits, lure durability is important to both presentation and pocket. The 25cm Soft 4Play features an inner Kevlar mesh to provide a stronger core and improved durability.

Savage Gear Lip SkullI would assume that a good part of the reason for winning this award was down to the bespoke rigging options available with this product. Savage Gear offer the incredible looking 4Play Lip Skull as means to create a lipped swimbait from the Soft 4Play range. This transparent head housing offers a line fixing point, lip and a wired-through hook point. The action that this extracts from the soft lure is said to be incredible.

In addition Savage Gear offer the Offset Treble Hook Harness as an option. This preformed, stainless wire secures line fixing and hook point while keeping the natural flexibility of the lure. Both this and the Lip Skull are intended to hold a 3/0 treble for monster fish!

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