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Ryobi Returns with Awesome Metaroyal Safari Reel

Posted by Editor On October - 6 - 2010

Ryobi Metaroyal 5000 Fishing Safari ReelRyobi, the well-regarded tackle giant that sadly disappeared from UK shores in 1998 is set to return once more with the Masterline Walker group (who also house Cortland, Yo-Zuri and Rovex to name a few).

The reason Ryobi retreated was to concentrate on manufacturing high quality fishing tackle for the Japanese market. The good news for us in the UK is that Ryobi will be bringing some of that tackle back with them. We're fans of at least one of their reels - the awesome Ryobi Metaroyal Safari, or to give it its very Asian, full title - the Ryobi Metaroyal 5000 Fishing Safari - so we contacted Masterline who have confirmed that these reels will indeed be available here in the UK.

We've been lucky enough to handle these reels in Australia, Asia and parts of Europe and they are tough. Do a quick trawl of online fishing forums and you'll find some very good remarks about the Metaroyal Safari. This is a heavy-duty spinning reel more traditional suited to tropical styles like deepwater jigging and popping but we're sure it will find its place over here. It features a suitable power gear ratio of 4.9:1 (watch out for higher retrieve rates if you're using for more traditional fishing styles), a well-regarded drag and solid metal workings.

Suspected price is likely to be £279. We hope to confirm this and acquire more details at the trade show later this month.

5 Responses to “Ryobi Returns with Awesome Metaroyal Safari Reel”

  1. Norman Berry says:

    I hope to have one of these about march, if not before I go to Namibia I’ll try it on my next trip, TBC.

  2. Norman Berry says:

    I took it to Guinea Bissau and wasn’t disappointed. It was fitted to a Daiwa Global Spin and loaded with 50lb Power Pro. It cast poppers smoothly and handled big jacks and barracuda without a problem. The clutch and gearing was smooth and effortless, it matched reels that cost much more. The only problem I had was getting a spare spool as it hadn’t been in the UK long. Well worth the money IMHO. :-)

  3. Editor says:

    Thanks for your post Norman. Great bit of kit for the money. Has caused a bit of a ‘Ryobi Renaissance’ with me.

  4. Norman Berry says:

    Thanks, and I still haven’t got a spare spool as they’ve discontinued it and replaced it with another model. Even emailed the company and no reply. Still a great reel for the money but worried about spares, should I need them. :-)

  5. Editor says:

    Was/is hugely popular in South-East Asian countries. Wouldn’t surprise me if some entrepreneurial sort has made a custom spool for the Safari. I’ll keep a look out

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