Rite Gear Rod Bag – Matchman Rod Holdall

Rite GearHere at Fishing-Tackle.co.uk we love to support smaller fishing tackle manufacturers. Not because they need our support, but because generally a small tackle manufacturer is less about marketing and more about well thought out products. This is certainly the case with Dene Conway’s Rite Gear brand and their first product, the Rite Gear Matchman Rod Holdall.

It shows that 4 years of prototypes and testing went into what they claim is the best rod bag in the world. While that may be a bold claim there are a number of great features. For me, my favourite innovation is the unique harness and shoulder strap that can be fully adjusted to any position allowing for the perfect balance between angler height and weight of load.

I am the perfect target audience for this design. At 5ft 9 and 11 stone I have always lost out in the battle of man versus fully loaded rod bag – especially when carrying a beach shelter with the heavy end sticking out the top of a quiver type holdall. The jubilation of drawing the end peg in a match has always been dampened by the extended tussle with my rod bag. 

With the Rite Gear rod bag I can set the detachable harness up for perfect balance with any load. It’s like regaining the use of one arm – handy on the rare occasions that I actually have a good weight in the fish bucket. The shoulder pad is comfortable and the clips and webbing appear to be of good quality and durable.

Rite Gear Matchman Rod Holdall InteriorRite Gear Matchman Rod Holdall Exterior

With the angler protected focus turns to those expensive rods. It’s nothing but 5-star luxury for your favourite wands. Check out that yellow quilted padding inside! Up to 6 rods can be carried including sections up to 8ft 3. I’m sure some of you would have made the mistake I did in purchasing a holdall that’s mostly too long for most trips and having to lug about the limp surplus. With the Rite Gear holdall the design allows for the length to be properly folded back.

The detail in the design is good. The zips have been chosen especially for durability. I can see how the large teeth will be less likely to gum up with salt or jam with sand. There’s also a large external pocket, which although I haven’t thought of a use for yet is sure to prove useful in time.

Like other rod bag designs there is a pouch and adjustable webbing to attach a tripod and shelter on the outside, keeping your rods safe from harm internally.

The Rite Gear Matchman Rod Holdall is available to buy directly from the manufacturer at a price of £89.99 plus postage. Not a cheap holdall but this isn’t your average rod bag.

To purchase the Matchman Rod Holdall >Visit Rite Gear

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