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Owner Hooks get UK Distributor

Posted by Editor On October - 17 - 2009

Owner Hooks of Japan have chosen a UK distributor in the shape of Fishing Matters Ltd. Owner has become hugely popular in certain areas of our sport in the UK and this partnership should see both Owner's hook range and the Cultiva lure brand promoted heavily here for the first time. Owner will be in good company at Fishing Matters Ltd with stable mates Varivas and Smith.

Previous UK agency for Owner was Harrison Advanced Rods which have decided to focus on their core rod building business. Current Owner Hooks retailers have already been contacted and every attempt is being made so that anglers don't lose out in the transition.

[note from the editor: I for one can't wait to see Owner's Cultiva lure range given the full support it deserves here in the UK. I've had good UK success with both the Cultiva Tango Dancer and Rip 'n Minnow range after discovering them in Australia]

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  1. Editor says:

    UPDATE: Soon after the success of securing Owner Hooks UK distribution, Fishing Matters Ltd have just purchased Partridge off of Mustad. That’s quite a portfolio they’re building…

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