New TG-F1 Tournament Reel – Made in Britain

In the latest Gear Guide from mail order fishing tackle company, Veals, an intriguing new multiplier is featured – the British made TG-F1 from the company behind Rocket Fuel.

Despite the Rocket Reel Company’s TG-F1 looking very similar to another leading brand of fishing reel, the majority of parts are bespoke and machined/manufactured to the highest quality possible. The end result? A casting/fishing reel without compromise. This reel has been created with ultimate performance in mind, not availability to the masses – as the £345 price tag confirms.

Specification include:

  • Eezy-Grip one-piece, low profile, hard anodised reel cage
  • Lightweight spool with extra strong tempered wire circlips
  • ABEC 7 hybrid ceramic bearings
  • Rigid axis with no spool/cage contact
  • Centralised spool location
  • Integral chromed brass side-plates
  • The latest carbontex drag system from the Smoothie Drag people
  • Carbon fibre brake blocks from Zziplex
  • Monomag magnetic control brake system
  • Each reel is numbered and includes a certificate
  • Designed and built in Great Britain

Full details aren’t quite available yet but we do know that the reel is the equivalent size of an ABU Ambassadeur 6500 – perfect for tournament casting and beach fishing. The reel features TG’s high performance spool, made for the ABU 6 series and uses ceramic bearings for ultimate performance. The TG-F1 is built in the UK to the highest standards making it the ultimate casting/fishing reel available straight out the box.

The first batch is due for availability in November 2009 from

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  1. Hi there….anyone know where can i order this stuff…tried to find the reel but just can’t get it…Had tried eBay but nothing exist for this model….TG-F1 Rocket Reel


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