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New Nash PEG ONE Brand Unveiled

Posted by Editor On October - 7 - 2010

Nash PEG ONE LogoWe've just heard on the grape vine that Nash, the carp fishing tackle specialists will be unveiling a new brand later this month named PEG ONE. Details are currently thin on the ground but in a press release introducing a new Brand Manager to the Nash team, Dr Paul Garner says, "With Peg One and Fish Frenzy we will be bringing the Nash know-how and commitment to innovation and quality to a whole new group of anglers, which is an incredibly exciting prospect."

In a separate source PEG ONE is described as a brand designed for the Modern Pleasure Angler - little clues there. The PEG ONE range has apparently been in secret development for nearly a year now and although exact details of products are thin on the ground, it has been suggested that there will be an innovative new accessory chair system, innovative modular luggage designed to work with the popular Box Logic tackle box system, as well as fishing shelters and fish care items.

Nash has decided to unveil the new brand and the full range of launch products at the Tackle & Guns Trade Show later this October and we're glad to announce that will be there to get the low down. Looking forward to it.

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