New Gardner Tackle for Autumn-Winter 2010

Gardner New ProductsThere were some interesting items of new Gardner tackle highlighted to us at the T&G Show. Without further ado, here are some of the new items planned for Autumn/Winter 2010:

Gardner Slinga Knuckle GuardGardner Slinga Knuckle Guard

This handy item gives total protection for your leading hand when using a catapult. The extra thick neoprene shields your knuckles from the recoil sometimes experienced with powerful catapults blasted to maximum range. Gardner have made the knuckle guard to fit most popular catapults and at just £2.99 RRP should be picked up by everyone that has suffered from this problem.

Gardner Bug WeightsGardner Bug Weights

£3.99 RRP gets you four, 5-gram, stainless steel, screw-on weights that can be added to the Gardner Bug Indicators to increase bite indication at extreme long range, or when fishing in the rough stuff. The Bug Weights feature a standard 5mm thread so should also be suitable for may other popular bobbins.

Gardner Tritium-Max BetalightsGardner Tritium-Max Betalights

Now sold singularly, Gardner’s Tritium-Max Betalights are a premium source of isotope light for your indicators and alarms. Suitable for Nano Bugs & ATTs alarms, the gaseous Tritium technology will provide you with a continuous light source. No batteries required and available in your favourite colour: Green, Red, Ice Blue, Purple, White, Orange and Yellow.

Gardner Accessory PouchNew Gardner Lead & Accessory Pouches

If you want to look the part with matching Gardner pouches, there is now a new and improved range available in small, standard and large. Hard wearing and nicely finished they are available at an RRP of £6.50 for the small, £8.99 for the standard size, and £11.99 for the large one.

Gardner Multi-Clip Lead Clip

Details are slim on the ground but Gardner is near to launching a revised lead clip that can be used, pegged or as a leader style clip. They quote the Gardner Multi-Clip as groundbreaking – we’ll just have to wait and see. Sorry, no pictures as yet!

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