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New Daiwa Infinity Q Custom

Posted by Editor On March - 15 - 2012

Daiwa Infinity Q 3000 CustomWe're most definitely fans of Daiwa's Infinity Q models - a European variation of the original Certate - but it came as quite a shock to discover that the model had resurfaced again in 2012.

From the picture acquired from a German website, it is clear that the new Daiwa Infinity Q Custom is built upon the pre-2010 Certate chassis. As such it doesn't feature Mag Seal, but it does feature a load of Daiwa's greatest innovations, including; Real Four, Digigear II, Hardbody-Z, ABS spool, Airbail and Twistbuster II. Despite not being the absolute latest carnation, fear not, this is a top grade spinning reel and one of the Daiwa reels that is made in Japan. I fish with two original Infinity Q reels alongside a Certate and they compete admirably.

There are two visible differences that I can make out. The rotor looks to have had a redesign, with the non-roller arm featuring a unique cut out - neither that of the original Infinity Q or the later Infinity Q Zaion.

The other, obvious addition is a new spool design. It looks roughly similar to the original part, but features attractive cut-outs along the lower edge, red highlights and carbon insert finish - in no way similar to that featured on the Morethan Branzino, by the way. It's a unique look for Daiwa, but I think my preference would still be for an RCS Custom spool. At this point it purely comes down to taste. I believe one downside with this carbon spool is the lack of a line clip.

Internally the Infinity Q Custom features the same 4.8:1 gear ratio. However, the new reel has 6 bearings, in comparison to 9 in previous models. Two of the six are corrosion proof CRBB but I have to question where 3 bearings have been lost. I expect that one, or even two bearings could be in the handle - which can be easily upgrade with an RCS Custom knob or handle - however it is worth further investigation if you're considering buying one.

These new reels are available in limited quantities across 2500 and 3000 sizes priced from around 300 Euro (£250).

Daiwa Infinity Q Custom

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