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Are you sick of paying for expensive lugworm and ragworm to die? 

Tired of wasting your money after throwing away dead worm?

If so, worry no longer. LazyBaits has the answer!

LazyBaits is the home of LazyLug™, LazyRag™, SeaBags™, Greedy Bait™ and Fat Worms™ - new, innovative and effectively preserved fishing baits and exceptional fish attracting products.

LazyLug™ &  LazyRag™ - Preserved baits, that do actually catch fish. 

SeaBags™ - ready to use bags of rubby dubby;  really effective.

Greedy Bait™ - New and very effective trout bait putty.

Fat Worms™ - Freeze-dried, prime quality ragworm.

LazyBaits™ has the answer with innovative preserved sea worm baits, that actually do catch fish!

LazyBaits™ can be purchased at anytime prior to them being required for use. They require no manual intervention, refrigeration or special preparation. They can be stored for many months without any degradation or loss.  The purchase cost compares well with fresh sea worm; especially when you take into account the loss of live worm and required refrigeration and maintenance costs - both time and money.

No more calling the bait shop last minute to find out that they've run out of worm bait.

See what the angling press says about LazyBaits' Lazy Lug:

This is without doubt the most, innovative and effective product of the last decade! – we were sent two tubs of worms, which we immediately went out and fished with. And… they really do work!

Dave Barham – Editor of Boat Fishing Monthly, October 2006.

“These Worms Work” – Dreading winter bait shortages and rising prices? Then you might be interested in the brand new LazyLug – real preserved lugworm in a pot.

Alan Yates – Product Editor Sea Angler Magazine, December 2006.

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