Kingpin Reels – T&G Show [part 3]

The Kingpin stand was definitely one of the most attractive at the show. The quality of the merchandise (and the anodising) were second to none.

Centre stage was the limited edition Sterling available in Blood Red/Pearl Black (pictured) or Pearl Black/Blood Red, both of which are equally seductive in appearance. These 4 1/2 inch reels were created to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary and boy have they made something to be proud of. The new reel features the machined spoke design found on their Sovereign range of centrepins. We think it looks fantastic!

Crafted in England, each reel is machined, precision ground, and assembled to exact tolerances. The bearings, spindle, and housing reside in one sealed unit meaning it is highly unlikely that your reel will ever need to come apart for maintenance – however you may be tempted to peer inside to marvel at the machined beauty!

With centrepin reels of this calibre there is a certain level of customisation which is available. A choice of custom handles can be made in a range of desirable finishes and perhaps more importantly, bearing choice can be tailored to your requirements too. Choose between ABEC 5 or 7 bearings, greased or oiled, stainless steel or ceramic. If it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for, then maybe ceramic bearings are not for you – they’re loud – but they’ll offer you the ultimate in performance. Gold series centrepin reels also allow a choice of lever position depending on whether you retrieve with your left or right hand, or whether you prefer it located close to the reel foot.

Be sure to check out the smoothness of these reels if you ever get the chance. A superb bit of kit!

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