Jacks LRF Ultralight Lures

Jacks LRF Blok HedWe’ve talked about the recent uprising of specialist lure fishing shops before now, but I wanted to highlight one in particular – ‘Jacks LRF’.

I want to call Jacks LRF a ‘cottage industry’ type of business – I’m hoping neither Andy or Jack take offense at that. You see with Jacks LRF there’s a level of interest in ultralight lures that’s above the norm. The service is fantastic and friendly, and I can get unique, quality lures that I can’t obtain anywhere else. It’s specialist and it’s good.

I particularly like their range of ‘Tiny Soft Plastics’ and that’s what I wanted to talk about today.

Jacks LRF Tiny Soft Plastics

The photograph at the top is of a Smelt. That Smelt is very special to me as it’s both the first one I have intentionally caught on a lure and the first one I have caught in a long, long time. It takes me to 27 saltwater species this year – a new record since I’ve been counting – with 4 more months of the year left. And for me, that’s what’s so special about LRF – appropriately matched tackle and tactics for the fish around you. This is both fun and rewarding. If you’d seen the celebration I made in open public that Sunday afternoon, you’d think I’d perhaps landed the Bass of a lifetime.

The lure that caught me my celebratory Smelt was the Jack’s LRF Blok Hed – a 1-inch lure that was the convenient match for a number of baitfish that I was watching on the surface. I fished it on a size 8 Owner Red Mosquito Hook, fished drop shot, about 8 inches above the smallest weight I could get away with in the tide. Imparting the last dying tremors of an injured baitfish, just off the bottom, eventually did the trick.

I particularly like the Blok Hed as the ‘block’ gives a good base for a hook hold of a decent sized hook, despite the miniscule lure size. This also means that the lure stands out proud from the bend of the hook, 90-degrees when fished drop shot. [note, in the picture only the hooked fish has pushed the lure onto the hook shank]

Also look out for the ‘Ribbed’ lures – another of my favourites. Good for Pouting, Scorpion Fish and other LRF fare.

Check out the rest of the lure range HERE as well as the ultralight Jazz jigheads (recommended)

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