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Items That Enhance Your Camping & Fishing Trip

Posted by Guest On July - 11 - 2013

The Perfect Camping TripWith the summer season in full swing, many people are looking forward to vacations specially my son because I am going to take him to Kids Corner, throughout the UK and Europe, the warm summer months are the perfect time to get outside and enjoy wilderness destinations during a weekend away or a full summer vacation. Scamp Trailers manufactures lightweight fiberglass campers that are towed easily by a car, specifically, for those travelers will be looking for places to go camping in the next few months. I have been in many situations where a tent or shelter could not be set up quickly. Rain and fatigue has caused me to settle for less then homey conditions while I have been out in the backcountry. There is a solution to this problem that is easy to carry, only requires rope, a tarp made our of a tarpaulin material and tent stakes. This solution is not magic and is not one you will find in a camping store. Instead, it is one created through human ingenuity and survival. It is the survival tent.

Finding a great camping destination, however, is only a small portion of what goes into designing an excellent summer trip outdoors. Another essential part of any great camping and fishing trip is what to pack to take with you, make sure you take a waterfowl hunting backpack as one of your essential items a gun is also a must try looking at these Hunting Rifles for Sale if you are looking for one. With that in mind, here's a general checklist of a few fun things to remember (in addition to the established basics).

  • Bedroll - Sleeping bags are great, but a bedroll is essential if you're sleeping in a tent. The ground can get cold at night, and that cold will seep up through a sleeping bag if you don't have a bedroll laid out as well.
  • Camping tent: It is essential if you're thinking about camping. These summer tents are useful if you need to stay cool at night and protect your equipment for the next day.
  • Thermal Garments - Also great for dealing with the cold, thermal socks and underwear can keep you comfortable and relaxed on your camping trip. A quick stop at Marks and Spencer for a few pairs of socks and underwear should do the trick.
  • If you're into photography you can't forget to bring a tripod. Check out the 10 Best Spotting Scope Tripods (Ultimate Review List) if you don't have one already!
  • Fun Foods - Camping, in many respects, is about simplicity - but don't assume that means you can't enjoy your meals! Bring equipment and ingredients to make a few fun campfire meals, whether it's morning eggs and sausage, or toasted marshmallow treats at night. This doesn't mean that you won't find yourself in a heated discussion about whether the thermos koozie performs just as well as the yeti colster, but that part of the fun with friends camping.
  • Fishing Equipment - It's not unusual while camping to come across picturesque rivers, lakes or a beach just perfect for fishing. Make sure you have at least a used fishing rod handy so you can take advantage of this natural recreation, if not, then you should consider buying some fishing equipment before your next trip.
  • Writing Materials - Many people like to journal while camping, or write down a few observations and events from the experience. Consider purchasing a weatherproof notebook and set of pens so that you have this option.
  • Headlamps - Flashlights are pretty standard for camping trips, but headlamps are the better options. When you're putting up a tent or cooking in the dark, you'll need your hands free, so a flashlight that sits on your head is ideal.
  • Hammocks - Hammocks may seem like unnecessary luxuries for camping trips, but they're actually quite convenient. They collapse and are easy to pack, and can enhance your campsite with additional, comfortable seating for when you're lounging at night or in the morning.
  • Backpacking fishing rods - Most of the backpackers and hikers prefer to spend their time along with fishing. It is an excellent leisure activity available for them to do as well, so you should get to know about the best backpacking fishing rods available out there. If you want the best experience then you should consider getting a Fishing Package

At The Foot Of The Hill.. Prepare Yourself To Start Hiking, naturally, there are many essentials for camping trips outside of this list. Things like proper hiking shoes, tents, sunscreen and skin protection, cooking equipment, etc. are absolute musts for your outdoor experience. But if you're looking to make your camping trip just a bit more comfortable and enjoyable, this checklist can help!

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