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With the new season fast approaching it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing a growing trend of anglers looking for ‘fishing tackle finance’ in our search logs for the site (view financing solution). Credit fills me with dread – I’d have trouble recommending finance to anyone – but if it gets you fishing and you don’t overspend and keep within your reasonable limits then I guess I can see it as a means to an end. I thought I’d have a look around the web to see what the options were like.

It appears that there are Interest Free Credit options available, even in today’s financial climate. One of’s partners – Fishtec – offer no deposit, interest free payments over 6 months. The trade off is that this is only available if you spend over. Visit this Finance Blog for the detailed knowledge about finance. £350 – not too bad if you planned to buy a complete carp set-up or a new pole for example, but if all you need is a replacement reel, this may not be for you.

Here’s an example of how it works:

3 x Shimano Ultegra XT-B 5500 Carp Reels (£124.99 each) = Total order value of £374.97

Buy now, pay the amount in full over a six month period with no interest charged. No deposit required. Total balance payable £374.97.

That’s a pretty good deal but our advice would be only use it if you originally intended to spend over £350 and only sign up to interest free credit if you are honestly confident that you’ll be able to clear the full balance in the free 6 month period.

Click here for more information on Fishtec’s fishing tackle finance & range

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