Holly Kudos – New Carp & Match Fishing Tackle Brand

A new Chinese tackle manufacturer has been formed and is set to cause a storm in Europe over the next few years. The name – Holly Kudos.

The OEM company has been formed by an alliance of two existing tackle manufacturers; Danyang Holly Fishing, who have been producing carp and match fishing tackle exclusively for European buyers and Dalian Kudos, a manufacturer focused on terminal tackle. While Dalian Kudos has been concentrating in this area, Danyang Holly Fishing are known for larger carp and match fishing products including bivvies, seat boxes, bedchairs and rod pods, etc. Combining these strengths into a single company gives Holly Kudos a huge assortment of products to offer retailers and wholesalers – some of which have already found their way onto the shelves of fishing tackle dealers in Europe.

Without doubt, Holly Kudos is committed to making their new venture work. The factory, located in Danyang, China covers 30,000 square metres and has over 300 staff. If you’re interested in visiting the factory as part of a visit to China, it’s a 3-hour drive from Shanghai. Success isn’t just pinned on grunt either. Holly Kudos has four European consultants, living and working in China either full-time or part-time. The team consists of English carp angler Mark Gardner, German match angler Stefan Posselt, a Dutch predator specialist and the founder of Dalian Kudos, Gerrit Edelijn. The idea behind this investment is that Holly Kudos recognises the latest trends and creates new products to suit, ahead of their competition – preferably a whole season ahead.

For more information visit www.hollykudos.com or email info@hollykudos.com

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