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First look at new Daiwa TD-X Fixed Spool Reel

Posted by Editor On October - 10 - 2009

This week, the Angling Times gives us an exclusive look at one of the new reels in Daiwa's 2010 range - the Daiwa TD-X - which looks like the replacement for the ever popular TDR (the blue one).

Angling Times exclusively reveal that the new reel will be in the shops by the end of November - perhaps you won't get that naff pen that turns into a fishing rod for Christmas after all!

In terms of enhancements the TD-X moves on from the TDR in a number of ways. The reel now features a push-button release on the spool making changeovers much quicker and trouble free. There's a new line clip system that's been inherited from the top-of-the-range Basiair carp reel and a waterproof drag system that's been developed from another high-end reel, the Certate.

The reel is likely to be very smooth in operation as it features 7 ball bearings, Digigear and the Locomotive Levelwind system. Still available in the two trusted sizes (2508 & 3012) the reels will be perfect for match or feeder duties.

We think you'll agree that the look of the new reel is fabulous - loving the look of the drilled spool and handle detail - it's definitely on our list to Santa this year.

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