Choose a 2010 Fishing Calendar for Christmas

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In the first of a new series of posts tailored to aid your Christmas shopping duties we look at some items that are bound to be well received on Christmas morning. First up… the Fishing Calendar.

Fantastic recipe for Christmas success. Take a classic Christmas present – the Calendar. Make the subject matter the recipient’s favourite interest – in this case Fishing. Add a few scantily clad girls to the mix and bingo, you have the perfect angling Christmas present!

Take a look at the following selection of Fishing Calendars available from trusted online retailer Sportfish. Each are priced at a reasonable £12.99, or buy any two for just £19.99 with the following Sportfish Promotional Code – PROMO929.

TO CLEAR – Remaining 2010 calendars now just £3.50 (was £12.99)

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  1. Hi This is a wonderful website and found the post helpful,this will aid my results particularly when im fishing the river,I will check back for updates. Should you ever find some killer tackle be sure to post.

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