Century HPR Lure Rods

Century HPRWhat’s this? A UK rod manufacturer making modern lure rods to take on the world? It’ll never happen I hear you cry.

Well you’re wrong, and what’s more, the excellent new Century HPR Lure Rods will be released here in July – that’s almost minutes away!

So what are we talking about here:

Century – A UK company that has been building top quality fishing rods for over 30 years under the direction of founder Simon Chilcott. Century can claim to have made the longest casting fishing rods ever built with many casting records held by such rods as the amazing Century TT-R. If angling had a Formula 1, it would be Tournament Casting and Century would be on the podium again and again. Technology drives their performance and each type of rod is different for the type of fishing, for example If you want to use a Telescopic Fishing Pole you should know everything about Telescopic Fishing Rod.

HPR – High Performance Resin. Century have secured an almost unique agreement with 3M – the technological & innovative science company – for their new patented 3M Resin System. In summary, modern fishing blanks are made from carbon fibre and resin, to hold the fibres together. This new resin system adds considerable strength to the rod build meaning that the finished article can be both lighter and stronger. When combined with Century’s established autoclave process, the finished lure rods are tougher, stronger, lighter and even more resistant to ‘action fatique’.

Lure Rods – More accurately, ‘modern’ lure rods. Spinning rods with faster, crisper actions in today’s, preferred shorter lengths. Perfectly balanced for the lures, target species and ultimately the sport/fun that we all target.

I think it’s fair to say that the UK has slipped behind on modern angling techniques in some disciplines. Or perhaps with globalisation we’ve just discovered new ways of fishing from around the world and question our tried and tested methods. But with the arrival of the UK built, Century HPR Lure Rods things are starting to change – to evolve. A huge amount of credit must go to Century for recognising, listening and acting upon the requests of a group of lure fishermen, pushing boundaries at the forefront of new lure techniques here in the UK.

Century HPR Lure Rods

There are five rods in the range for launch. The lightest of the HPR family is a 7′ 3″ rod rated from 3.5g to 25g. It is available in two formats; a 2-piece, equal section and a 2-piece, long tip. Next up is a cracking 7′ 7″ rod rated 5-28g, which is sure to be popular. Again, the 7′ 7″ is available in both configurations. And finally, a longer 9′ version rated 5-28g in equal sections. From intial reports of test examples, the rods will feature a useful counter balance system in the butt to tailor a comfortable feel for you and your set-up. They are also likely to feature Fuji’s excellent, anti-tangle K-series guides. Build quality on factory finished Century rods has always been superb.

Supply of these incredible rods will be limited to just a few specialist retailers and demand is likely to outweigh the first production run. If you would like to secure your preferred rod, Monster Tackle is taking pre-orders and comes recommended by Fishing-Tackle.co.uk. To inquire further, visit the link below.

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We’re hoping to be lucky enough to review one of these rods in the not too distant future. That is if you don’t beat us to the first production run!


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