Berkley NanoFil – Innovation of the Year EFTTEX 2011

Berkley NanoFilBerkley NanoFil did NOT win either Best New Monofilament or Best New Braid at EFTTEX 2011. Berkley did win ‘Innovation of the Year’ with NanoFil though. How so?

“Not a Mono. Not a Fluoro. Not a Braid.” That’s how the advertising video for Berkley NanoFil ends. Okay, so apart from ruling Berkley out of every line award at this year’s tackle shows, what does NanoFil mean to us, the angler.

NanoFil is made from Dyneema (or gel-spun polyethylene) just like braid, but unlike braid these filaments aren’t made into strands and braided like microscopic rope. In Berkley’s manufacturing process the Dyneema fibres are bonded together at a molecular level – not woven, but bonded. This ‘uni-filament’ process creates a line with a single strand – like mono – but with the benefits of braid.

Just like braid, NanoFil lines can be created with much thinner diameters. In addition NanoFil keeps the low-stretch characteristics of braid meaning improved feel, bite detection and accurate hook-ups. All these benefits with the smooth feel of mono.

In addition, because the structure is a single filament it can be produced in tiny diameters down to 1lb test! That should open up the benefits of braid to lots more angling disciplines. On that alone I have to agree with the title of Innovation of the Year. This could be something very special to some areas of our sport.

Okay, I think we get it. It has the benefits of braid but it’s not woven – it’s a single filament like mono. But it’s not mono because it’s made from Dyneema.

If you’re not following, check out this video:

“It’s line Jim, but not as we know it.”

Colour: Clear Mist
Pound Tests Available: *1lb, *2lb, *3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb & 12lb
Spools: 150yd, 300yd & 1500yd
*Available on 150yd spools only

Coming to your local Pure Fishing stockists very soon I would imagine! (release date to be confirmed)

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