Avid Carp divulge more info on AvidCarp.com

UPDATE : New Avid Carp Corn Stops and Sight Stops now available to buy (see bottom)

AvidCarp.com, the website of the hotly awaited new carp fishing brand Avid Carp has moved from a simple holding page to something with more more intriguing. In their own words, “The countdown to Avid Carp products hitting the shelves has begun”. Even more exciting, the website sets the launch date as June 2010 – so we’re close.

AvidCarp.com confirms what we already know in that Avid Carp will not be just another carp tackle brand, but a company focussed on innovation and well thought-out products. Although no product information has been released officially, we spotted on carpfishingmagazine.co.uk┬áthat information on one product has leaked out – Avid Carp Sight-Stops. Although new boilie stops might not set your world alight, it goes some way to demonstrate the level of detail they will be looking at. Avid Carp Sight-Stops are simple, colourful boilie stops designed to add just enough difference to make your hook bait stand out, attracting a higher rate of hook-ups. These small increases in catch rate, or ‘luck’ are exactly what the new company are about, designed for anglers at the forefront of carp angling where every 0.1% improvement counts.

Jon Jones, a member of the new Avid Carp team explains that Sight-Stops showed real success in extensive testing against standard methods. Testing is another commitment being made. The Avid team includes top-flight consultants. Alongside Jon is match-winning regular Ian Russell, Gloucestershire tackle shop manager Jon Finch, big fish hunter Nigel Williams and Mark Bartlett, avid carper extraordinaire. You can be sure that no unsuitable items will find their way to market.

We wait with bated breath – only days to go now until we finally get to see the initial product range. Can’t wait! Keep an eye on www.avidcarp.com

In the meantime, the parent company has already added Avid Carp to their catalogue request form here – Request a Catalogue – make sure you’re one of the first to receive one.

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3 thoughts on “Avid Carp divulge more info on AvidCarp.com”

  1. If you click through from the avidcarp.com landing page (you may need to click twice on the logo) you are taken to a page listing information on those involved in the project but no, there is no product information as yet. We recommend you sign up to their mailing list (top right). We’re excited to see what’s finally launched too!

  2. We received the following comments from John Shith, “thank you avid, just wont to let you no i have a mobile home on a lake in france. i have fished it many times with no luck i only fished it for one night last week. i used tigers with the white corn stops had 3 runs and 2 fish on the bank not monsters 2x 12lb commons in mint condition these corn stops have put 2 fish on the bank going back in october to fish for a week i will let you no how i get on. thank you, john.”

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