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Akios S-Line Multiplier Reels Launched

Posted by Editor On July - 9 - 2010

Courtesy of Sea Angler magazine, further information on the new Akios S-Line range of multiplier reels has been released. Last month we reported that we'd spotted the new fishing reels but had very little information to go on. We can now announce the 6-strong range:

    • Akios S-Line 656CS - 6000-sized multiplier reel featuring level-wind
    • Akios S-Line 656CSM - 6000-sized multiplier reel featuring level-wind and magnetic brakes

  • Akios S-Line 656CTM - 6000-sized multiplier reel featuring factory converted tournament frame and magnetic brakes
  • Akios S-Line 757CS - 7000-sized multiplier reel featuring level-wind
  • Akios S-Line 757CT - 7000-sized multiplier reel featuring factory converted tournament frame
  • Akios S-Line 757CTM - 7000-sized multiplier reel featuring factory converted tournament frame and magnetic brakes

All reels feature 3 ball bearings - 2 in the spool and 1 instant anti-reverse bearing. There's a drag system described as 'carbon multi-disc' - whether this is an upgrade from the ABU Ambassadeur Carbon Matrix design is not clear. Hopefully they perform as well as the 'Smoothies' retro-fit items - the reviewer appeared to believe that they were better than average.

Chrome plated, brass side plates have been used throughout the range hinting that robustness and longevity is favoured over light weight [656 weighs 16.5oz - 757 weighs 19oz]. Gearing is manufactured from machined brass in line with the Ambassadeur standard. All reels feature centrifugal braking with a two-block design (standard ABU) with three of the range having the addition of magnetic braking for fine control and enhanced anti-backlash capability. In Sea Angler's review, power casting didn't reveal any issues, only praise.

The smaller 6000-sized reels have a gear ratio of 5.3:1 and can hold 300 yards of 15lb mono, while the bigger 7-series reels have a slower rate of 4.3:1 (the bigger spool compensates in line retrieval rate) and can hold 320 yards of 20lb mono. The 757 reel also has the addition of a dual anti-reverse for added confidence when fighting big fish.

'Akios' means 'new beginning' in Japanese, but we can't confirm the country of manufacture. It would be interesting to see Japan go head to head with Sweden in the quality stakes, if in fact that's where they're made.

In summary, on paper the Akios S-Line range of reels appear 'very' similar to the UK's bread & butter ABU Ambassadeur - especially the Chrome Rocket. Remember at present we only have one external review to go on but assuming it is accurate the Akios S-Line and ABU Ambassadeur offer comparable performance, in which case choice may come down to price. Here's a quick price comparison to help you decide:

Akios S-Line Reel SRP Shop Price Shop Price SRP ABU Ambassadeur Reel
656CS £109.99 £89.99 £111.00 £131.99 6500 CS Rocket
  Supplier Comments Est Postage Price  
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