30 Plus Carp Fishing Tackle

30 Plus CarpThree years ago 30 Plus carp fishing products came to the market with a goal to supply well thought out and test proven tackle for specimen anglers. The range now includes items for carp, barbel and pike anglers following the same proven strategy working with a number of angling consultants to get products right before hitting the shelves.

David Middleton, the man behind 30 Plus and his long term brand Middy is happy with how the 30 Plus development plans are going. Expansion plans are in full swing with the aim to capitalise on the momentum that has been built up so far. The 30Plus fishing range which already includes rods, luggage, mats, rigs, controllers, clothing, nets and an array of terminal tackle is soon to be expanded by shelters, bivvies and alarms.

One of the biggest success stories – the 30 Plus Robo Chair – has seen thousands of units sold and a new version – the Robo 4-Arm – will be unveiled later this month. In addition a range of new Barbel rods are planned, branded Radar – something to look out for.

We think you’ll see a lot more of 30 Plus over the next 12 months and Fishing-Tackle.co.uk is looking forward to checking out the latest developments at the T&G Trade Show in a few weeks time. In the meantime more information is available from www.specimen30plus.com

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